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Webinar - 2nd Half Market Outlook

Join us for a webinar to review the first half of 2024 as well as a 2nd half outlook. Markets seem to be shifting quickly and we’ll take this opportunity to review our recent portfolio changes and views regarding the 2nd half.

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A Sincere Thank You

“I’m humbled beyond belief by where we’ve come and wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your trust in us all of these years, whether you have been a client for decades or have only recently joined our firm. “

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The Most Hated Bull Market

“While it is true that I am quite optimistic on such things as AI and lower interest rates, the primary reason behind our outlook, which correlates with our portfolio positioning, is due to continuous reports of just how pessimistic most market participants are.”


Fee Only / Fiduciary

Utilizing the power of technology to work with clients all throughout the United States, Joule Financial brings a customized approach to every relationship.

Originally founded in 2001, Joule Financial exists to help clients identify and quantify their financial goals and objectives, providing the energy and experience to meet those goals while measuring progress through a variety of metrics.

Embracing a fee-only fiduciary model, Joule Financial derives revenue through investment management only after walking with clients through our comprehensive, proprietary planning process.


Successful Investing

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Most of our clients utilize our firm for a complete and comprehensive approach towards their goals and objectives. Partnering with us to not only build a comprehensive plan, but also overseeing the allocation, management and ongoing care as an independent fiduciary.

Risk Tolerance

The markets work in cycles, punctuated by significant and unexpected corrections. How much your portfolio participates in those cycles depends in large part on your risk tolerance.

Asset Allocation

One of the most basic, yet ignored, principals of successful investing is properly allocating investments among different asset classes. Asset allocation is commonly mistaken with diversification – but the two are quite different.


Over time, the asset allocation and diversification of the portfolio will change. At different times, different asset classes will outperform others, so we believe it is important for a portfolio to be rebalanced in order to achieve the desired allocation.


Entering into a relationship with an investment advisor should not be taken lightly, and the success of an investment strategy can only be determined after navigating a series of financial market cycles. Immediate success is not always the case. 


With proper diversification or exposure to multiple asset classes, individuals can not only potentially improve results, but they may also reduce portfolio volatility.

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