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Trade War! What is it good for?

Trump Tariffs, Round 2.

We’re kicking off this week’s show examining the latest round of tariffs enacted this week by Washington. Unlike the previous steel and aluminum tariffs announced week’s ago, these new sanctions are specifically targetted towards the United States’s largest trading partner, China. The key focus of the Trump administration’s move is targeting the wide deficit in trade between our two countries. However, the market has not responded favorably to the news of these new penalties. We spend some time breaking down the new tariffs, what it means for the market, and where opportunity might exist.


Facebook Faux Pas

Don’t call it a “data breach!” That’s what the folks at Facebook are telling us on news of Cambridge Analytica’s unauthorized access to data on 50-million Facebook users. The political consulting firm is under scrutiny after reports surfaced that it obtained information it should have otherwise not had access to and may have been able to use that to influence or interfere with political races during the election. However, Facebook may be facing greater public backlash for not making the issue public sooner and lacking in its public response to the data crises. We’ll discuss what this might mean going forward for the company and tech stocks in general.

Where’s the Opportunity?

As the market continues its pullback, global stocks get hit by tariff fears, and the beloved tech stocks wrestle with a tarnished public image, one has to ask where is the opportunity in today’s market? We’ll review a couple of the places we’ve been allocating into recently and some of the ones that we might add to soon.