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Market Bounces Back

After the major indices were put through the ringer last week, to the tune of a 6% decline, they experience a small bounce back this week to end the quarter nearly flat for the year. The trend over recent declines has been that any dip is an opportunity to buy rather than a sign of a change in short-term trend. We’ll take a look at the psychology of the recent move and examine whether the market is singing the same old tune or if the music might change this time.

South Korea Trade Deal

It made so few headlines you might have completely missed it, the US and South Korea last weekend came to terms on a trade deal around steel. Steel, huh? That may sound familiar from some other recent headlines where the industrial metal was in focus. We’ll break down this latest news and what it might mean for global investors.

Facebook Gets Unliked by Investors (and the Government)

We touched on Facebook’s recent faux pas in last week’s episode but the situation continues to evolve as the stock continues its decline. This week we found out the FTC is looking into the company’s sharing of private information and Congress is calling on Mark Zuckerberg to testify. While some people might be concerned about user declines we’ll look at the recent issues from another angle by examining what this means for the advertisers from which Facebook derives its revenue.

Stocks In Play

Yes, the market has been rocky. However, assuming you’re in this investing discipline for the long run you might be wondering where the opportunity may be here. We take a look at a few of the areas we’re currently allocating and explore why they might be potential trends from here.