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On this week’s episode of Tape Talk we catch up with the latest moves across the market. Find out why Buffett made Apple pop, what’s going on in oil, and whether Gold is losing its shine.

Buffett talks, Apple pops.

Warren Buffett talked about Berkshire Hathaway’s accumulation of additional shares in Apple (AAPL) during the first quarter prior to this week’s annual shareholder meeting. The news and exuberance from the “Oracle of Omaha” sent the company’s shares to new highs help drive the S&P and other indices higher for the week. Quint Tatro, Joule’s CIO, talked with CNBC earlier in the week to discuss how investors may need only watch Apple for clues of where this market goes next.

Gold, still glittering?

Gold has been quiet of late but that may not be the case forever. We’ll talk about the bullish cash for this precious metal as inflation comes down the pipe. We’ll also examine the technical set-up and how we’ve been looking to capitalize on this investor favorite inflation hedge in our clients’ portfolios.

Oil, rally or head fake?

Oil saw its share of volatility this week as investors prepared for and digested news of the United States’ intention to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal and the potential for increased middle east tensions. We’ll look at whether this is a start of a new trend in this economically important energy sector or if investors need to dip their toe in cautiously.

Interest becomes, interesting!

It’s difficult to remember the last time we got excited about bonds and interest on this show. The fact of the matter is that interest rates have been anything but interesting recently. However, with the Fed’s latest moves, inflation ticking higher, and China selling down treasuries is it time for an opportunity in this market?